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Hierarchy and herb combinations in learning Chinese herbal formulas

One of the most important reasons Chinese herbal medicine is different than the majority of Western herbal medicine because of its intentionally constructed formulas of multiple herbs.  Where herbs are abstracted from their formulas and extracted to reveal their constituent components, the results are usually disappointing.  I have personally found the most success with formulas […]

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An exploration into Chinese herb flavor combinations – the final chapter

We hope you have enjoyed Mitesh’s fine work about Chinese herb flavors and their combinations.  What I loved about this project was the willingness to examine cherished Chinese medicine concepts – testing them using the most sophisticated laboratory known on Earth – the human body. —– If you missed any of the series, just read […]

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Fuzi : exploration of the growing regions and conditions of aconite

Many of you may know that I work with Heiner Fruehauf, who was one of the founders of the Classical Chinese Medicine program at NCNM.  He still teaches there, but has several other projects as well.  Two are accessible online: Classicalchinesemedicine.org : a fantastic educational resource for people interested in the roots of Chinese medicine.  […]

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