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Chinese Medicine in Space – Part 1

Founder’s Note : This is the first article in a series by up and coming Chinese medicine scholar, Michelle Yan. Enjoy! Have you ever wondered; will Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work in Space? Yes, I mean Outer Space, NASA, astronauts, packing-for-Mars kind of Space. Will acupuncture and chinese herbs still be beneficial or will they become obsolete […]

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Structure, Function, and Information Transfer: Chinese Medicine through the Eyes of Structural Integration

Author’s Note: What I’m about to present to you is my honest, educated opinion, informed by years of study and clinical practice. I am not an academic researcher, nor an accomplished master. Still, the ideas presented below have deepened and broadened my practice so profoundly, that I feel I would be remiss in not sharing […]

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Manual of Acupuncture author, Peter Deadman, on iPad apps, community acupuncture & more

Update: If you’re going to comment on this post, please just remove the vitriol. There’s just absolutely NO reason to react to anything anybody has said with anything but respectful dialogue. I’ve had to delete several comments that just crossed the line. I’m the only one allowed to cross the line, here, folks. 😉 Given […]

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