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cmc-libraryWho doesn’t like free stuff?

I’d like to offer you something – a growing library of free Chinese medicine content – in exchange for your name and email address entered into the form below. Let me explain…

Your attention is valuable, and your email inbox is undergoing daily assault that probably feels overwhelming at times. I get that – because it has been true for me, too!  So, why an email newsletter?

Simply this – it is the most personal, direct and simple way for me to let you know about the latest content on the website, upcoming educational opportunities, and to engage in conversation with the huge number of you that are friends of Chinese Medicine Central.

(Note: I like calling it a bulletin rather than a newsletter – the language is more fun!)

I send a bulletin out about once a week.  In each one, you’ll find:

  1. Summaries & notifications of great Chinese Medicine Central content you may have missed
  2. Exclusive previews of upcoming content
  3. Little notes from yours truly discussing some relevant topic of interest to students and practitioners
  4. Notifications about upcoming products & courses with discounts & special bonuses if you sign up

But, I want to give you a gift to thank you for your attention and your information

That’s where the library comes in. The library is a growing resource, which means that I will be adding new bits and pieces to it as time goes on.

As of 1/1/2016 the free library contains:


1. The original Treatise on Engaged, Rooted Chinese Medicine

You can get great information on Chinese medicine in many places.  Books, teachers, nature, your patients.  There are even a few decent websites.  Yes, even here on Chinese Medicine Central, indeed, we have courses, articles, all kinds of information to help you learn more about how to practice this medicine.  Information isn’t really that hard to come by.

But sometimes, we need something else.  Sometimes, we need a roadmap, or some inspiration, or a feeling of connection and power. That’s where this document comes in. It’s a manifesto on some simple steps you can take to embrace a revitalized Chinese medicine practice. It’s a digital download available as part of the free library.

CMQ 5 Cover

2. Three free copies of the now out-of-production digital Chinese medicine magazine, Chinese Medicine Quarterly. This digital downloadable magazine is gorgeous, full of engaging artwork, thought provoking articles, and each issue addressing a theme of interest to Chinese medicine students and practitioners. You can’t buy the magazine anymore, but you’ll get our last three issues as part of the library.

3. Access to an exclusive members-only online forum so you can ask questions, read others’ questions and interact with a world-wide community of Chinese medicine enthusiasts. Note: this forum is meant for students and practitioners of Chinese medicine, or those contemplating such a life path, not for patients. There will be no diagnosing disease or offering of health advice in the forums.

You’ll get access to the library for free – in exchange for joining the Chinese Medicine Central bulletin.

Once you press “subscribe” you’ll receive an email that asks you to confirm your interest in joining the list. Once you respond, you’re part of the list and in short order will receive an email with instructions on how to access the library. If you have any trouble at that point, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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