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It’s always sad when I learn that a promising young practitioner of Chinese medicine has moved on to other professions. I understand and accept when this happens due to changing life circumstances, or simply a change of heart about what the person wanted to do with their life. But, what I simply cannot accept is that one more acupuncturist leaves the profession because they cannot make a living practicing this medicine.

That’s why I focus so much of my energy on exploring ways to practice this medicine with heart and integrity, while supporting you and your family in the lifestyle you desire.

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I enjoy helping acupuncturists be more successful in their professional lives. I have worked with people in diverse places in their careers, on specific issues and more general ones, for short and long periods of time. I use a variety of digital tools to help us to collaborate & communicate. It’s like having a constant cheerleader, advisor & brainstorming buddy available to you wherever you are in the world.

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Here’s a great resource – a series of short text interviews on diverse business topics by practitioners at various levels of experience. Click here to be taken to the main page.