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As the most readily recognizable modality in Chinese medicine, acupuncture information is relatively more available and of higher quality on the Internet.  Because of this, and also because of the proclivity of the site founder, acupuncture information is relatively less well represented on Chinese Medicine Central.

However, we are seeking to remedy this with the addition of a classical acupuncture focused writer and a generally increased focus on this very important method of healing.  All that said – we’ve talked about acupuncture quite a bit, particularly from the perspective of a struggling student!  Start your exploration below…


  1. Manual of Acupuncture author, Peter Deadman, on iPad apps, community acupuncture & more
  2. Comprehensive review of all the digital options available for accessing the Manual of Acupuncture (Deadman)
  3. Exploration of the similarities between Structural Integration (SI) and Acupuncture
  4. The acupuncture channels and Chinese herb flavors
  5. Necessity is the mother of learning acupuncture points
  6. Learning acupuncture : Master points of the Extraordinary vessels
  7. Product Review: Living Meridian acupuncture charts
  8. Acupuncture safety: Is the Clean Needle Technique exam a scam?
  9. Acupuncture is more than just needles
  10. How to learn the acupuncture points and channels deeply by engaging your whole Self

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While we aren’t yet offering any acupuncture-specific courses, if you are early in your Chinese medicine education or are interested in getting deeper into the classics, you may be interested in our Essentials series.

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