About Chinese Medicine Central

Eric Grey profileI started this site in 2007 as a second year student at Natural University of Natural Medicine (NUNM, formerly NCNM). It was then called Deepest Health. I used the site as a way to externalize my thoughts as I went through medical school.

It ended up being great for that, but also opened into a wonderful way to connect with the worldwide community of East Asian medicine practitioners. I later changed the name of the site, and began to sell courses and ebooks related to Chinese herbal medicine, and generally explored what a modern website can do for an enterprising Chinese medicine practitioner.

However, running my clinic and being a full time professor at NUNM finally got the better of me, and I stopped posting, stopped teaching, and started exploring my next steps.

In 2017, I formulated a new direction and focus for the site, focused around the scholarship I’m now engaging in around the profession of Chinese medicine and its place in the world. Intersections have always been a curiosity for me, and that’s what I explore here on the site.┬áThese intersections range from the obvious (how do Chinese medicine and Western biomedicine find themselves crossing?) to the less obvious (what can education in Chinese medicine have to tell us about behaving ethically in the world?) and everything in between.

Unfortunately, also in 2017, a series of technological mishaps rendered the members site unusable, and impacted aspects of the primary site as well. When that happened, I began work to rebuild the site from scratch with the new energy and focus at the center.

That site has now launched – currently called CMC annex. Please click to visit!

Over the next few months, I’ll be transferring all the best content from this – now archival – site and eventually throw the switch to merge the two. This will eliminate the technological weirdness that has limited me here. Hurrah!