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The courses on this site are simple, fun, actionable and drawn both from my personal experience running an acupuncture clinic and extensive research and interviewing across many industries. As of 2017, the courses here are new, raw, and developing. You'll get useful information on important business and professional topics, with a minimum of editing and extras. Throughout 2017 and 2018, the courses will be developed, polished and all these updates will be free to anyone who has previously purchased a course. The awesome prices reflect the reality of the polish of the material.

Watch the video below to hear a little more of what you can expect from these courses. And when you're done - scroll down to learn more about what's available for registration today!

  • Jennifer Whitney, MSOM, LAc - New Orleans, LA
    Funny, enthusiastic, irreverant, insightful, and roll-up-the-sleeves practical - these are not typical descriptors of a business class. It is certainly not what I expected, particularly given my aversion to the business side of starting an acupuncture clinic. Drawing from many of his teachers and mentors, as well as from his experience running an extremely successful business, he covers a lot of very practical ground, while also emphasizing the need for self-care and deep connection as critical aspects of ones business practice.
    Jennifer Whitney, MSOM, LAc - New Orleans, LA

What you will get with every course

  • Sarah Nelson, MSOM, LAc - Portland, OR
    Eric’s teaching is engaging, informative, and incredibly valuable for anyone trying to navigate the business details of starting, or managing a holistic health practice. He makes even the most overwhelming topics seem doable, and provides you with extensive resources to refer to. He is a supportive instructor who truly cares about helping practitioners succeed. Having the opportunity to learn from him really helped increase my confidence in starting my practice and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn from him.
    Sarah Nelson, MSOM, LAc - Portland, OR

What courses are currently available?

Acu Marketing 2 Websites!

Do I have to have a website?

Should I make my website myself?

How do I convey myself online?

How do I work with a designer?

What's important to have on my site?

Acu Marketing 3 All Digital

MUST I have a Facebook page?

Should I have a blog AND a newsletter?

What's content marketing? Is it important?

How do I balance social media?

Acu Marketing 4 Analog?

Do I still need to have business cards? Flyers?

Should I join networking groups?

How can I actually benefit from tabling at events?

What does all of this cost?